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Here, I hope to provide details and answer your questions about my business and services. I have tried to be really comprehensive, but if I missed your question, or if you just want to talk, you can always call me at 801.508.4993, or Contact Me.   Thank you for your business.  I really want to make you successful.

I offer a whole range of professional photographic services for the Realtor offering a professional listing or for the Home Builder who wants to show off some amazing work. I have services tailored to your specific needs.  I promise you and your clients will love my work.


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What I include

What I always include in every shoot:

Flash, HDR, or Ambient Photography:  I have expertise in a number of techniques.  Based on the lighting, time of day and style of the home, I will shoot with a style that will give you the best look for your home or building.  I have some creative flash techniques that will bring out the true color, push back the shadows, and show the true essence of the home.

High Dynamic Range. Essentially, this process produces photographs that are the closest to what the human eye sees as far as luminescence, highlights, and shadows. Each shot is comprised of three images to give you the best finished photograph. Computer processing combines the three images, for amazing depth and image - then I edit each image from there for the perfect look. 

Exterior and Interior for the Whole Story: I'll shoot the whole home, both interior and exterior.  You get all the shots to help you tell a story. We want to connect with a potential buyer.  I will help you highlight the features that should really stand out. (of course, if you desire exterior only photos, I have an option for that.)

Photo Editing:  I review every shot, and edit to insure that each has the best color and imagery for your customer.  I'll ask you before the shoot, if there is any special look you need, or amazing features to call out.

High-res images:  All images photos are high-resolution images optimized for the package.  Realtors will receive an image tailored for the MLS and usable for print or web.  The Builder & Portfolio shoots will include a full-size, high-resolution image that is magazine and portfolio quality.  In addition, there is a high-res image optimized for the web or MLS.

Download Delievery: You will receive a link from me to download all images easily and securely.

Fast Turn Around and Delivery:  After the shoot, the turn around time is generally 24 hours/next business day. If a special instruction changes that, I'll tell you in advance. If have any problems, I will always call you.

Here's how I help you be successful:

I have created Real Estate Photo Packages based primarily on the size of the home.  I want this to be easy for you.  Click, Schedule, Shoot.


  • My schedule is always online.  You can book me automatically.  I have set up my system to make it easy for you, and to accommodate your schedule.  On your PC, tablet or phone, you can easily see my schedule, book a shoot, check your history, schedule a time to talk with me, or just email me.  I will always get back to you the same day.

Here are the important things to know about how I do business:


  • I always shoot the whole home; I do what it takes to give you the images that will help you sell.  


  • I don't ever charge for extra photos or for mileage.  If you have something special or extraordinary in mind, I'll always work something out with you.


  • I will always communicate with you. I promise. 


  • I will listen to you.  I love it when you let me know the key features to highlight.  I'll ask you for your thoughts so we tell the right story for your clients or for your own messaging.


  • I want you always to be happy with your photos. I want to win your business with every shot. I promise you will love what you get.  If there is an image that needs some tweaking, I will always do what it takes to make you happy.

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