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FAQs & Information

Here, I hope to provide details and answer your questions about my business and services.  I have tried to be really comprehensive, but if I missed your question, or if you just want to talk, you can always call me at 801.508.4993, or Contact Me.  


Thank you for your business.  I really want to make you successful.

How should I handle special instructions or things that I really want to highlight in the home?

This is what I am all about.  I really look to tell the story of the home, and focus on areas that will really make the home sell.  When you book the shoot online, I provide a place for you to note any special instructions, or things that you really want me to highlight.  I will review these before I photograph the home.  I'll also make sure I focus on these areas during the editing process.  If you think of something after booking, you can always Contact Me, and I am happy accomodate so your shoot is just right.

I have a large home with some special features, can I talk with you to review more in depth?

Yes, for sure.  In the shoot package for the larger homes, I include time for a personal home review so I understand the home and your style.  If you just need to talk about any home, you can always call me, or you can also schedule a specific time for me to call you.  On my site, you can click Book Online to schedule a call or Contact Me to shoot me a quick note.

How do I receive the photos after you finish? When do I get them?

When the photos are ready, I will email you a web link to the online folder with your photos. You can download them at your convenience.  I will have them ready for you one full business day after the shoot.  If there are special instructions, or special editing, that may take more time. I'll always let you know what to expect.  Larger homes, 10,000 sq ft or bigger, will usually take 2-3 business days.  (there are a lot of photos to review with those homes.)

How many photos should I expect?

On each photography package, I outline a general number of photos that you can expect.  I don't give an absolute number, because I always photograph the entire home for the stated price.  I give you a number of photos that, based on my experience, will cover the square footage of the home, so you have an idea of what it will take.  If it takes a handful more photos to do the job, there is never charge for "additional photos".

What areas of Utah do you cover, and are there any travel fees?

I generally cover Utah, Wasatch and Salt Lake Counties.  There are no travel fees for mileage or my time in these counties.  I have done homes all over Utah, so if you have something special in mind, call or email me and let's talk about it, I am sure we can work something out.  I do keep my schedule on line, and you can book me at your convenience.  There may be occasion that I call you to adjust the appointment time to make sure I can get to the shoot in time.  For some locations, I may contact you to try to coordinate with similarly located homes.  I always keep you informed and I always work with you to make sure I shoot your home at the time scheduled.

How do you handle Cancellations, Rescheduling, or Refunds

Cancellations:  The Day Before.  I just need to be notified of cancellation the day before any shoot.  That will allow me to reset the schedule and avoid driving to a location.  I want to shoot your home, so I'll always work with you to reschedule.  If there is a cancellation with less notice than "the day before", there will be a fee.  Generally, I'll still try to work something out with you.  If you do need to cancel and have prepaid, I will refund you or I am happy to apply to the fee to another upcoming shoot.


Rescheduling:  No charge, with prior day notice. I am always happy to work with you on rescheduling. I realize things happen with busy schedules, or home owner uncertainties. If you'll communicate with me, I'll always work something out to accomodate you. Letting me know the day before, lets me adjust my schedule.


Refunds:  I understand that deals are always changing. If you need to cancel a scheduled shoot without rescheduling (see cancellation), I will refund your prepaid services to your credit card. I am also very happy to apply them to another upcoming shoot.  Just email or call me and we'll work it out.

What do I do if there is bad weather?

It is Utah.  I know weather can sometimes be an issue, particularly in the spring.  I'd ask you to check the weather before scheduling the shoot.  I check the weather everyday and look ahead to the next day.  If it looks like weather may be an issue, I'll call you.  I'd love it, if you do the same.  After our communication, if I get a go ahead and weather prevents a shoot, the $60 fee will apply.

Is there sales tax on photo services?

Yes, in Utah all photography services and fees are taxed at a rate of 6.75%.

How am I licensed to use the photos? Do I "own" the photos?

I have a pretty simple model and licensing, so you can make the best use of the photos and video that I take for you. 


For realtors and the MLS, photos have a temporary usage license to allow you to use the photos in all aspects of the sales process: uploads to the MLS; print use for flyers, brochures, and the like; and use on home sales web sites.  Essentially, you can use the photos any way you need for the purpose of selling the home.


Builders and portfolio shoots have a permanent usage right.  So essentially, you have rights to use the photos how you need - forever.


All photos are copyright and owned by Caroline Merrill Real Estate Photography LLC, and you are licensed to use them based on the  service that you purchase. 

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