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I really think you will love some of these photos I took for a few of my great clients.  You'll see examples from all different types of shoots.  Just click on the album and you'll see a nice pop-up view of some amazing homes from early build to buyer move-in.

Construction Progress
I'll show you some samples from a total build shoot for home builders.  This is the whole deal from start to finish. I'll present you a beautiful history of the entire build process, starting from early construction to client move-in.
I want to help you sell a home.  I'll take a whole series of photos that will help you tell a story, and beautifully showcase a home of any size.
As you might guess, this is a finished, detail shoot for homes generally over 10,000 sq. feet.  Estate packages always include a twilight shoot.  Twilight photos, shot in that "golden hour" just around sunset, really bring out the beauty of a home.
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