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Now that you've seen just a little of my work,

I thought you might like to know a little about me and why I love what I do.

Caroline Merrill Real Estate Photographer



a little background

  • Executive Officer, Utah Valley Home Builders Assocation

  • Director, Utah Valley Parade of Homes

  • Director, Salt Lake Parade of Homes

  • Chief of Operations, Social Media for two well known custom home builders


my mission

I help you tell a story with every shoot,

and every shot


my values

~ I will always communicate with you ~


~ Loyalty is not just granted,

it is an earned distinction ~


~ Yes! and "I'll figure it out" are wonderful alternatives to No! ~

About Me

You probably know me best from my time as the Executive Officer of the Utah Valley Home Builders Assocation, and of course the Parade of Homes for both Salt Lake and Utah Valley.  Those were great experiences in my life.  I worked with so many amazing builders, realtors and subcontractors all over the state.  I learned the passion and artistry that goes into a great home or building.  My goal in the Parade of Homes was not only to show the awesomeness of the home, but also to tell the story of the builder and the homeowner.


I also had opportunity to work for two amazing custom home builders.  A key part of my operational job was to work with clients and do much of the photography for clients, as well as social media content.


In all of these roles, it seems I spent ages in hundreds of homes.  I have both training and the passion for photography, and found I had the eye to truly showcase a build.   I took thousands of pictures for clients, websites, magazines, brochures and events.  I was doing shoots for both builders and their clients.  I realized how much I loved that part of the work.  So, you know the old addage "do what you love, and love what you do".  Well, I do.

My Style and Passion

So much of what you experience in a good event is mostly about how you feel, not just what you see.  I want people to see the story and feel a connection.  That is how I approach every shoot - every shot.  Each shot makes a bit of the connection, and tells a part of the whole story.  That is important in whether the shoot is to help sell a home, add to your portfolio, or to be a montage of the new family dream home. 


I try to live life with zeal and enthusiasm.  I love being on the move and getting things done.  So, yes, I am one of "those people".  My goal is always to have some fun with my clients and have you thrilled with the product and the experience.  Life is too short to be uptight or inflexible - there is always a way to make things work out...and be happy.


About Me

Let's talk it over!


~ Call, text, or email me for information or a quote ~


If you have questions or some ideas for a unique shoot, I'd love to talk it over with you!  I'd be happy to have you call me directly, email me, or even schedule a time to chat.


Send me a note and I'll email you today.  If you'd like me to call you, be sure to leave your phone number.  I always want you to know when I am available.  So, you'll see my schedule when you click to setup a photo shoot or time for us to talk on the phone.


So, go ahead do what works best for you.  My goal is to make it simple and professional; I know you'll love it.


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